robin morgan

Dry Your Smile

Doubleday & Company

Copyright © 1987 by Robin Morgan


A revealing, poignant, and audacious novel-within-a-novel, Dry Your Smile spans 45 years in the life of Julian Travis, a feminist leader. This roman a clef about a former child actor and TV star who escapes into a bohemian marriage, years later falls in love with a woman, and, finally, finds herself, escalates into a haunting story of love and rage, possession and survival: a tale of mothers and daughters, husbands and wives and lovers--and different levels of reality.


I dreaded that Robin Morgan would write an uplifting feminist book. Fortunately, she has decided to be a bad girl instead. And what fun it is! --RITA MAE BROWN

Dry Your Smile has the energy and determination of a jailbreak. The most tender, awful relationship in the book is the obsessive, tragic bond between mother and daughter--a terrible honesty nearly unique in literature: one recalls Simone de Beauvoir's portrait of her mother: mortal, vital. --KATE MILLETT

A novel that reminds us what novels are for. Morgan peels away masks, creates the whole by viewing it from all sides, deepens our understanding of real life. --GLORIA STEINEM


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